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From Russia, With Love

A culinary journey with an honest mission


Inspired by her mother’s home cooking, Olga Lifhits’ dedication to creating healthy, fresh meals began in Russia. As time passed, Olga’s knowledge of cooking evolved and strengthened, moving her to embark on a new phase of her culinary journey. In 2009, Olga launched Rubabs Express Catering with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Her decision to open a catering company was sparked by her love for her mother. As Olga’s culinary career progressed, she became focused on creating dishes to serve the now-elderly woman who was the reason for her attachment to cooking in the first place.

Though she specializes in cooking flavorful, health-conscious food for seniors, Olga has the natural talent to cook for a wide variety of audiences. Olga’s gusto for healthy, authentic cooking is obvious through the impeccable flavors of her meals, whether they are served at corporate events, bridal showers, or punctually delivered to a senior’s doorstep.

Olga’s devotion to the quality of her dishes stems from the fulfillment she receives knowing that she is delivering healthy, delicious meals. She serves her meals not only to her deserving customers, but to those closest to her as well– her friends, family, and most importantly, her mother.